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Save money and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining fulfillment and inventory management.

Our Approach

Multi-format fulfillment

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to online order fulfillment. Profitably scaling requires a spectrum of formats, and a platform to handle multi-format fulfillment.


Walking store aisles, staff are “shoppers” fulfilling multiple online orders by picking stock off store shelves. Items can also be grouped by zones within the store for more efficiency. Once orders are completed, they are consolidated and staged within the store for customer pick-up or delivery.

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Fast Pick Area

Used in conjunction with in-store picking, this method uses a small dedicated section of the store for online order fulfillment via manual picking methods. It holds a sub-set of the overall store items accessible by store staff and is organized to enable efficient picking with better inventory controls. The fast pick area provides a more efficient operation than in-store picking alone.

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Dark Store

Dark stores take order fulfillment out of the store. This method improves the in-store customer experience by removing floor congestion. Customers do not shop in Dark Stores, so brands increase order picking efficiency and accuracy and have better inventory management oversight. Dark Stores are laid out to maximize manual picking efficiency instead of an in-store merchandising experience.

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Micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) can be located in back of or attached to an existing store. AutoStore™ is goods-to-person automation, bringing items to your staff and removing the need to walk around. Overall operating efficiency is greatly improved. AutoStore™ is a modular system; you can build it to any shape, form, or height. It can even be placed inside the middle of a building. Improve fulfillment operations and showcase the technology for your in-store experience.

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Improving Efficiency

Keys to a successful strategy

Optimize your geographic footprint to improve overall operating efficiency and inventory management.

  • Use Store Clustering to off-load fulfillment from other stores into a single store or dedicated fulfillment center
  • Interconnect Click & Collect with Home Delivery via Hub & Spoke Logistics
Ready to scale

Ready for a Micro-Fulfillment Center?

AutoStore offers integrated automation for scale.

  • Maximizes Operational Efficiency
  • Highest Item Density (per sf of retail space) in Market
  • Flexible and Cost Effective
  • Proven with over 25 years of operation across 900+ systems worldwide with an uptime of 99.7%
Improving Efficiency

Keys to a successful strategy

Optimize your geographic footprint to improve overall operating efficiency and inventory management.

Order Management System (OMS)

  • Send orders to the appropriate location for fulfillment
  • Intelligently wave and batch orders based on time windows and routes

Fulfillment Application

  • Enable zone and multi-order picking
  • Provide operators with exception handling for catch weight items and substitutions

Inventory Management

  • Real time view into Available-to-Promise
  • Support slotting strategies to maximize pick efficiency and minimize replenishment tasks
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Order fulfillment

Features & Functions

Pick & Pack

  • Easily configurable with support for both single order or multi-order pick
  • Simple User Interface with directed pick path and strong visual cues for exception handling
  • 3x Improvement in Operating Margin

Receiving, Putaway and Replenishment

  • Reconciliation with PO data during Receiving process
  • Putaway and replenishment tasks grouped by zones
  • Task prioritization based on open orders, available back stock, and inbound activity

Intelligent Order Batching and Consolidation

  • Orders batched in “waves” based on Pick-up and Delivery windows
  • Waves are further broken down into temp zones and batched on carts to optimize pick efficiency
  • Consolidation tools for orders with multiple totes

Inventory Management

  • Truly Omni-channel, your online customers can have the same selection and pricing as in-store customers
  • Available-to-Promise function lets you and your customers see inventory in real time - no more missed expectations
  • 5x Improvement in Out-of-Stocks

Optimized Logistics

  • Intelligently send orders to the appropriate Fulfillment Center and Fulfillment Application
  • Order Management System supports drop-ship fulfillment with split cart checkout
  • Integrate with third party routing and delivery systems

Labor Management and Analytics

  • Role-based permissions configurable by role and location
  • Time-in-app tracking with operator level performance reporting
  • Drill into the stats for each pick zone or user across routes
  • System configurable by location

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