The 24/7 Worker

Always On

Globally, customer buying behaviors and expectations are growing beyond the capabilities of conventional material handling systems. Being down for even five minutes is costing money. The AutoStore system has a global uptime of 99.7%. Even when warehouses are closed or undergoing expansions, Robots work 24 hours a day, picking through Bins and bringing the required ones to the top.

Business Continuity

Unrivaled Uptime and MTBF

AutoStore knows the importance of reliability and warehouse availability. Through our technological innovation, we have built our reputation on reliability. Statistics from hundreds of AutoStore systems show a 99.7% uptime and our customers have achieved a mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 3,000 hours. The key to this unrivaled uptime and MTBF is our philosophy of creating and using independently controlled modules. Each system module works independently and can be serviced without shutting down the full system, a feature unique in the warehouse automation industry.


Troubleshooting Software

AutoStore is always evaluating and correcting. Our software module XHandler is constantly checking the system, running self-diagnostic troubleshooting, and taking preventive action. This feature optimizes system performance, reduces the need for manual work, and ensures that in most cases the full system will not go down. On rare occasions, if XHandler is not able to automatically handle the problem, an on-site AutoStore super user can quickly and safely stop operations, retrieve the damaged module, and bring it back to a service area. When operations restart, other modules will follow the system logic and pick up the slack for their injured teammate so that system performance is maintained.

100% Access

Complete Access to Stock

Today's consumers expect fast and reliable service. With those expectations growing, downtime is unacceptable and out-of-stocks are virtually out of the question. AutoStore is designed to ensure you have 100% access to your stock 100% of the time.

Our innovation is at your service

Consumer behavior has changed; supply chains have not. Let's talk today to see how AutoStore can build resilience in your operations and let you stand  out from your competitors.